About us

Green Works SRL beginning was in landscaping and plants growing, especially lavender plant.   We got charmed by this aromatic and beautiful plant and shortly began to make some items containing lavender dry flowers and other aromatic plants. This is when the Scent Square brand was born.

We make all our products with care and attention to details. In our aromatic products all scents are natural…. no added artificial scent enhancement, be it our ecologically grown lavender dry flowers, our special coffee beans mix and more to come.

Thinking about you we created:

  • An innovative and patented aromatic lavender/coffee pillow covers to be used as a decorative of retrofitting cover for bedroom pillows or cushions to promote good sleeping or/and good resting and relaxation time.
  • Wonderful customized aromatic giveaway products for your special events: small sachets filled up with relaxing and refreshing scent of dry lavender flowers, designed to your wishes in different shapes, sizes, and textiles ; branded small aromatic cushions filled up with dry lavender flowers will relax you, help to breath during colds or to keep your laundry fresh ; aromatic key holders offered to a friend, for family occasion, to your special clients ;  and many more …
  • for our Business Client we can offer you a range of high-quality aromatic products, with customizable textile, design and packaging.Let us know what you are looking for and we will propose a product that fit your requirements!


Your team from Scent Square